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AMS Scan In/ Scan Out

AMS Project Setup

AMS (Asset Management Solutions)

More than just Vendor Managed Inventory, Asset Management Solutions (AMS) is a complete barcoded solution for effective inventory management and resources to help you track where your inventory is being consumed.

Permissions Required

Add parts from AMS scan outs to jobs.

AMS Integration 

To utilize this feature please ensure the AMS Integration has been enabled. You can enable this integration by clicking the menu> Settings> Integrations> AMS edit pencil.

The benefit of the Arclight AMS integration is that you can scan out parts using AMS and add them directly to a job in Arclight.

Getting There 

  1. Select the job you want to scan parts from.
  2. Select Manage parts and labor. 
  3. Select "add parts” 
  4. Select scan out using AMS. 

Scanning Out Parts

  1. Complete required fields before you complete the Scan out.
    1. If you have created custom job fields already set up in the AMS dashboard, you may modify them on the Job info screen. 
  2. Initiate scanning sequence by clicking “scan Parts.”
  3. Scan barcode, of the part you wish to add to your Arclight job
      1. After you have successfully scanned Barcode, click “update job and send to AMS”
  4. Scanning Out Parts:

    When you perform a "scan out" in the system it means that you are taking parts from a job or location.

    The quantities of the parts you scan out are updated in AMS system for that specific job. This means that the system records the fact that you've removed those parts from that job.

    Scanning In Parts:

    Conversely, when you perform a "scan in" in the system, it means that you are returning parts.

    The quantities of the parts you scan back in are subtracted from the total quantity in AMS system. This indicates that the parts you've returned have been added back to the overall inventory or count, reducing the quantity taken out previously.

    In short "scan out" is used to record the removal of parts from a job, and "scan in" is used to record the return of those parts, with the system updating the quantities accordingly for better inventory management.


Click here for Step-by-Step tutorial on how to scan out parts in AMS .

Click here for Step-by-Step tutorial on how to scan in parts in AMS .