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Managing Projects in the Arclight Backoffice

Permissions Required

Manage Projects

Getting There

  1. Go to the projects lists by selecting Projects from the Arclight Backoffice Main Menu
  2. Use the filters and the search box to find the project you want to manage and click on the project name.

Action Pane

Use the actions listed in the Action Pane to edit project details, edit the customer or add quotes, jobs, or notes to the project. The available actions in the Action Pane are determined by the permissions that have been granted to the current user.


The tabs on the main project display show various Arclight items that are associated to this project. This includes quotes, jobs, invoices, reports, notes, and documents.

Step-By-Step Tutorial

Click here to see a step-by-step tutorial. 

Adding Documents to a Project

To add a new document to the project you must first click on the documents tab and then choose "Browse Documents"