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Project Types

Coming Soon
Project Types will be added soon to Arclight Backoffice and Mobile applications

Applies To

Arclight Mobile and Arclight Backoffice

Permissions Required

Manage Project Types

Getting There

  1. Select "Settings" from the Arclight menu
  2. Select "Project Types" from the Settings menu

Project Types in Arclight

Project Types in Arclight allow you to organize your projects based on the type of work being done. 

Project Types are not required on Arclight projects, but we highly recommend using them. In the future, assigning project types to projects will control which aspects of the Arclight application are available for a project.

Included Project Types

Arclight comes with the following project types built in:
  1. Residential Electrical
  2. Residential Solar
  3. Commercial Electrical
  4. Commercial Solar
  5. Commercial Maintenance
  6. Industrial Electrical
  7. Industrial Solar
  8. Industrial Maintenance
While you will are not able to modify or delete the included project types, you can hide these project types so they cannot be used on new projects.

Custom Project Types

You can create your own custom project types. Simply click on the "Create New Type" button (Backoffice) or the + sign (Mobile). You will be asked to choose a Project Category (see below) and give your new project type a name.

You will not be allowed to delete any project types that are associated to any projects. To delete a project type you must edit each project associated to that type and change the project type.

You can hide your custom project types to prevent new projects from being created using those types.

Project Categories

Project Categories are used by the Arclight system to control which aspects of the Arclight application  are available for a project. When creating a custom project type you must select one of the 3 included project categories:
  1. Electrical
  2. Solar
  3. Maintenance