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QuickBooks Integration Basics

Arclight can be setup to pass customer and invoice information to and from QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. Here are some things to consider when integrating Arclight and QuickBooks.

The QuickBooks integration syncs customers and invoices between Arclight and QuickBooks.

Income Account

When you complete the integration with QuickBooks Online or Desktop, Arclight will allow you to choose the Income Account to be used when invoices are sent to QuickBooks. 

The first time an invoice is sent to QuickBooks the income account selected in Arclight is associated to Products and Services in QuickBooks (see Products and Services below). If you later change the Income Account in Arclight you must also update the income account on those 3 items in QuickBooks.

Products and Services

When Arclight sends invoices to QuickBooks, items on the invoice are grouped into 3 categories: Parts, Labor, and Miscellaneous.


If you plan to setup Arclight to add taxes on your quotes, jobs, and invoices, you need to enable sales taxes in QuickBooks.

For more information about setting up taxes in QuickBooks Desktop see "Set up sales tax in QuickBooks Desktop" from QuickBooksHelp

For more information about setting up taxes in QuickBooks Online see "Set up and use automated sales tax in QuickBooks Online" from QuickBooksHelp

What's Next

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