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VMI Integration - Setup

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
VMI is a complete barcoded solution for effective inventory management and resources to help you track where your inventory is being consumed. 

The Arclight / VMI integration allows users to quickly add parts scanned out in VMI to quotes, jobs, and invoices in Arclight.

Contact your distributor to learn more about how VMI and Arclight work together to make your business more efficient.

Permissions Required

Users must have the "Integrations Settings" permission enabled to setup the VMI Integration

Getting There

  1. Select Settings from the Arclight main menu
  2. Select Integrations from the Settings menu
  3. Select VMI from the Integrations screen

Enable the Integration

To enable the VMI integration simply check the box that says "Scan Out" and click save. 

Staff Permissions

Once the integration is enabled you will be able to set permissions for the staff titles that can add parts from VMI to quotes, jobs, and invoices

What's Next

See "VMI Integration - Adding Parts to Quotes or Jobs" for more information.