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Manage Parts & Labor on a Quote or Job

Permissions Required

View Staff Titles & Bill Rates permission is required to add labor to a quote or job

Getting There

  • Select Quotes or Jobs from the Arclight main menu
  • Select the quote or job you want to add parts and labor to
  • Tap the "Manage Parts & Labor" button on the Quote or Job screen


A bundle in Arclight is a saved set of parts and labor that can be easily added to quotes or jobs. Tapping "Add Bundles" allows you to select a pre-existing bundle to add to the quote or job.

See "Bundles" for more details.

Video: Adding a Bundle to a Quote


Tapping "Add Parts" show your currently available options for finding parts to add to your quote or job:

When modifying an invoice, a contractor can add or remove parts without affecting the job total.

Search Product Catalog

Choose "Search Product Catalog" to search, view and add parts directly from the distributor. From a job you can add parts to the cart and place an order with the distributor.

See "Product Catalog" for more details.

One Time Item

Choose "One Time Item" to add a part to the quote or job that is not purchased from your distributor's product catalog. These items can be anything you want. You will manually enter the name / description, quantity, cost and taxable status for the one time item.

From Distributor Quote

Choose "From Distributor Quote" to add parts from a quote received from your distributor. This option is only available when there is an open quote from your distributor.

See "Distributor Quotes" for more details.

From An Order

Choose "From An Order" to add parts from an online, phone, or in-person order from your distributor. 

From VMI

Choose "From VMI" to add parts from scan out transactions in VMI. 
This option will not show until the VMI integration is setup on the Integrations menu (click here for details)


Tapping "Add Labor" allows you to add line items for the labor associated with the quote or job. When adding labor you supply a description of the task, the Title of the staff member who should perform the task, the number of hours and the hourly rate.

Miscellaneous Items

A miscellaneous item can be anything you want to add to the quote or job. You will manually enter the name / description, quantity, cost and taxable status for the miscellaneous item.