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What is the Arclight Backoffice?

Optimized for use in Chrome and Edge on a desktop or laptop, the Arclight Backoffice makes it easier to do those things that can be difficult to get done on a mobile device. 

Access the Arclight Backoffice using your existing username and password here.

Here are some of the pages we have optimized for the Backoffice:

Product Catalog

An optimized Product Catalog page makes it easy to find the parts you are looking for. With filters visible on the left and more products per page you can quickly find the parts you need and add them to your quotes, jobs, or invoices.

Product Details

Quick access to spec sheets and other product documentation ensures you get the information you need when you need it.

Pricing Details

Customize margin amount or total price on individual parts for greater control of prices on your quotes, jobs, and invoices.


Our completely revised scheduling process makes it easy to see who on your staff is available and to quickly schedule quotes and jobs.