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Create Your First Quote

Permission Required


Getting There

  1. Select Quotes from the Arclight main menu.
  2. Tap Create New Quote from the Quote screen.
Before creating your first quote
For the most accurate quote possible ensure that you have setup Staff Titles & Rates, Tax Rates, Margin Percentage, and Terms and Conditions for your company.

Select / Create Customer

The first step in creating a quote is to select or create a new customer.

When selecting a customer for a quote you will also be asked to select a contact and also a property (if applicable) for the customer.

For more details about customers in Arclight see "Manage Customers".

Job Description

After selecting a customer you will be asked to enter some information about the job to be performed.

You can supply the following information:

Apply Taxes

Select the appropriate tax rates for the job based on your local taxing entities. Taxes selected here will be applied to the parts and labor on the quote.

For more details about taxes in Arclight see "Manage Tax Rates".
Scheduling a Quote
After the appropriate tax rates have been applied, a quote can be scheduled by tapping the "Schedule" button.

See "Scheduling Quotes and Jobs" for more details.

Manage Parts & Labor

Arclight allows you to include Bundles, Parts, Labor, and Miscellaneous items on a quote.

For more details about each of these items see "Manage Parts & Labor on a Quote or Job".

Edit Tax Rate & Discount (Optional)

If necessary you can edit the tax rates or apply a discount to the quote.

Add Terms and Conditions (Optional)

You can also add any Terms and Conditions you have setup to the quote.

For more details about terms and conditions see "Manage Terms and Conditions".

What's Next?

Ready to get approval for the quote from the customer? See "Quote Approval"