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Create a Job without a Quote

Permissions Required

Any Arclight user can create a job

Getting There

  1. Select Jobs from the Arclight main menu.
  2. Tap Create New Job Without a Quote from the Quote screen.

Select / Create Customer

The first step in creating a job is to select or create a new customer.

When selecting a customer for a job you will also be asked to select a contact and also a property (if applicable) for the customer.

For more details about customers in Arclight see "Manage Customers".

Job Description

After selecting a customer you will be asked to enter some information about the job to be performed.

You can supply the following information:

Apply Taxes

Select the appropriate tax rates for the job based on your local taxing entities. Taxes selected here will be applied to the parts and labor on the job.

For more details about taxes in Arclight see "Manage Tax Rates".
Once the taxes are applied Arclight creates the job and takes you to the Job Detail page.

What's Next

Do you want to schedule someone to work this job? See "Scheduling Quotes and Jobs" for more details.
Ready to work this job? See "Working a Job" for more details.