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Receiving Orders (picking up parts)

Permissions Required

Purchase Parts

Getting There

Parts can be placed in the shopping cart from a Job or directly from the Product Catalog.

Once the parts are in the cart select "Proceed to Checkout" to start the checkout process.

Checking Out

When checking out you will be asked to choose a delivery method and provide a Job Name (optional) and a note to your salesman at the distributor (optional) for each job or regular order in the shopping cart.

Selecting "Place Your Order" will send your order(s) to your distributor who will process the order(s) and determine any taxes and shipping charges and place the order(s) on your account.

Will Call Pickup

Selecting "Will-Call" as the delivery method will allow you to pick up your order at your distributor or any locations your distributor allows you to pickup orders from.

When deciding which available location to pick up from you can sort locations by:
  • Nearest to My Office
  • Nearest to Current Location
  • Nearest to the Job
Parts availability will be shown for each configured pickup location.

Order History

The status of orders placed in Arclight can be viewed from the "Order History" screen.

See "Order History" for more details.