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Product Catalog


Any Arclight user can view parts using the Product Catalog.

Getting There

From a Quote, Job, or Invoice

  1. Tap the Manage Parts & Labor button on the Quote, Job, or Invoice
  2. Tap the +Add Parts button
  3. Select Search Product Catalog

From the More Menu

  1. Select More from the Arclight Main Menu
  2. Select Product Catalog from the More menu

Product Lists Dropdown

Use the drop-down to the left of the search bar to select which products to search. Options include:
  • All - use this option to search all products in your distributors product catalog
  • My List - use this option to search custom product lists you have created or that have been created for you by your distributor.

Search for Products

Tap in the search bar to start searching for products. After typing a few characters the most relevant products are shown. Press Enter or tap the magnifying glass to see the full list of products.

Pricing Display

If you got to the product catalog from a quote, job, or invoice the product catalog will display the price of the part that will go on the quote, job, or invoice.

If you got to the product catalog from the More  menu the product catalog will show your cost for the product.

The contractor can choose parts from your Profit Center’s product catalog to add directly to quotes. In Arclight settings, the contractor can configure the profit margin they want to add to the distributor cost to calculate quote pricing.