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Manage Staff Members

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Getting There

  1. Select More from the Arclight main menu.
  2. Select Your Company Info from the More menu.
  3. Select Staff
Staff Titles & Rates
Before adding staff members be sure to setup your Staff Titles & Rates.

Managing Staff Members

The following information is needed when adding or editing staff members:
  • First Name*
  • Last Name*
  • Title* - Select an existing title from the list
  • Hourly Rate* - The hourly rate is initially set from the selected title but can be changed for this staff member.
  • Mobile Phone* - Mobile phone is required for Arclight notifications
  • Email Address* - Arclight uses the staff members email address as their user name. An email address can be associated to only 1 staff member.
* Required fields

New Staff Member Login Email

When adding a new staff member Arclight will email the new staff member with instructions for downloading the app and logging in. They will be required to change their password during their first login.

Disabling / Enabling a Staff Member

A staff member's account be disabled or enabled by clicking on the staff members name and then choosing "Enable Account" or "Disable Account"

Updating a Staff Member's Password

A staff member's password can be updated by tapping "Update Password" on the Staff Member Detail screen. The current password is required to update the staff member's password.