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Placing an Order (adding parts to your cart)

Permissions Required

Any Arclight user can add parts to the cart.

Purchase Parts permission is required to place an order

Getting There

Tap the Cart icon at the top right of the application to get to the cart.
If you have placed parts in the cart the icon will be gold.

Click "Show Me How" below for a quick walk-thru of the features available in the cart.

View Parts by Job

Parts in the cart are grouped by job with the upcoming jobs listed first.

Save a Job for a Later Order

Tap the check mark and choose "Save for Later". The parts for the job will remain in the cart (in the "Saved for Later" section) but will not be included in the order when you tap "Proceed to Checkout".

Quickly Add Jobs to the Cart

Tap "View Jobs List" to view all jobs and quickly add them to the cart.

Manage Individual Parts

Tap on a part description to see details about that part or use the 3 dots menu to save a part for a later order or remove that part from the cart.