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Distributor Quotes

Permissions Required

Any Arclight user can view Distributor Quotes

Getting There

  1. Select More from the Arclight main menu
  2. Select Distributor Quotes from the More menu
When your distributor publishes a quote you have requested Arclight will notify you and allow you to view the quote, add parts from the quote to the cart, or add parts from the quote to a quote, job, or invoice.

Distributor Quote Details

Tapping on a quote from the list will display the details of the quote.
  • The prices shown on the parts in the quote include your margin
  • Tap the price to show your cost for a part
  • The cost shown for a part does not include taxes. Applicable taxes will be added if you add the part to you cart for purchase

Adding Parts to a Quote, Job, or Invoice

When adding parts to a quote, job, or invoice you will have the option to select parts from an open distributor quote.

See "Managing Parts and Labor on a Quote or Job" for more details.


You can configure Arclight to notify you when a quote is received from your distributor.