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Arclight Quick Start

Getting Started with Arclight

To use Arclight you need to request an account, download the app, and go through the First Time Owner Login steps.

See the articles in the "Getting Started" section for details.

The basic workflow in Arclight is Quote -> Job -> Invoice.


The first step to managing your work in Arclight is to create a quote.

See "Create Your First Quote" to get started.

An approved quote becomes a job that can be scheduled and worked in Arclight.


A job is the primary work unit in Arclight. Jobs can be created from approved quotes or created without a quote.

See "Create a Job from a Quote" or "Create a Job without a Quote" for more details.


When a job is complete an invoice can be generated and either sent to the customer or sent to your General Ledger in QuickBooks.

See "Generate an Invoice" for more details.