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Working a Job

Permissions Required

Any Arclight user can work a job

Getting There

  1. Select Jobs from the main menu.
  2. Select a job to work from the job list.

Manage Parts & Labor

Arclight allows you to include Bundles, Parts, Labor, and Miscellaneous items on a job.

For more details about each of these items see "Manage Parts & Labor on a Quote or Job".

Edit Tax Rate & Discount (Optional)

If necessary you can edit the tax rates or apply a discount to the job

Add Terms and Conditions (Optional)

You can also add any Terms and Conditions you have setup to the job.

For more details about terms and conditions see "Manage Terms and Conditions".

Starting a Timer & Tracking the Status of a Job

By using the status & timer feature within Arclight, the contractor can see each quote or job status, decide if communication to staff is warranted or additional resources needed and schedule more work.

When working a job you can use Arclight's built in job timer to track how long the job actually takes. Tap the "Start Timer" button to get started.

When you click the "Stop Timer" button Arclight will add the time spent to the job for invoicing.

View Time Spent / Manually Add Time

Tap the "View Time Spent" button to see any time that has been added to the job. If you need to manually add time to a job tap "View Time Spent" then "Add Time"

Complete a Job

Once you have completed the job tap on the "Complete Job" button to finalize the job and collect the customers signature that the job has been completed. 

When a job is put into completed status, the next step is the contractor needs to manually convert the job into an invoice.